Narwhal cartoon doodles and themed bullet journal spread ideas.


A lot of people say they have trouble coming up with theme ideas for their bullet journals. Do you find it hard to find fun ideas for your bullet journal themes?


I would say that I don’t fall into that particular category. When I consider my interests, or even just peruse Instagram for a bit, I can always find a plethora of great ideas to try for upcoming themes in my bullet journal.


Since I am all about the magical creatures, so I decided that at some point in my bullet journaling career to try a month with narwhals. Narwhals almost sound like November (if you really stretch it, that is), so November 2018 became the month of the Narwhal!


If you’re considering a narwhal theme for next month in your bullet journal, you’ll find tons of great inspiration and ideas. Not to mention, you’ll learn the pros and cons of this majestic creature theme.


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Narwhal Doodle Cover Page


Narwhal cover page


I had a blast with this easy to draw cover page for November. I’ve really been digging the minimalist themes lately! I went with a standard narwhal doodle and pretty pink calligraphy for the month.


Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar


Narwhal doodling on monthly bujo calendar.


For my monthly calendar, I went with a standard layout. I actually made the boxes a little too small (5 by 5 for an A5 was pretty challenging to write things in). If you are going to create a standard calendar, I’d recommend doing 6 by 6 in a dot grid notebook.


As for the doodles, I had plenty of space for those! I decided to just have fun and try some other types of narwhal doodles I came across, making my own variations and trying some colors (who said all narwhals have to be blue, anyway?)


Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Narwhal quotes and doodles habit tracker


For November’s habit tracker, I went with a standard two-page layout. It left a lot of room for great narwhal doodles! I loved the bubbles I made from the monthly calendar, so I used them again in this spread.


The narwhal doodles in my habit tracker all have a similar look, but I went for more of a cutesy style.


Narwhal Theme Weekly Spreads


For this month, I tried a weekly spread setup that involved more of the weekly calendar in the center. The additional pieces, such as the ‘to-do’, ‘notes’, and ‘next week’ section I framed around the outside of the pages.


This layout left a ton of room for doodles, and even enough space to include November’s calendar! To include some variety, I changed the colors up each week! The doodles and the calendar all include the same colors from week to week.


Here are my different weekly creations!


Week 1: Multicolored Narwhal Decorations


Narwhal drawing bullet journal weekly spread


For the first weekly layout, I decided to trial a funky coloring scheme for both the Narwhal and the week introduction section. It turned out ok, I think if I were to repeat this color scheme, I may color in the rest of the heart and doodle with a light, complimentary color.


My narwhal doodle was the simple, cutesy variety. I enjoy how easy this doodle is to freehand!


Week 2: Narwhal Cartoon with Turquoise and Mustard


Narwhal theme cartoon doodle bullet journal layout


Week two contained another typical narwhal doodle. I tried to add some ornamental stars around the doodle for a change of pattern.


I will say, I loved the colors for the week!


Week 3: Purple and Blue Narwhal Doodle


Narwhal bullet journal weekly layout


I decided to try my own narwhal doodle for the third week, and I will say it wasn’t my favorite. I made the horn a little too lopsided. For a little extra fun, I added a rainbow, even though the rest of the spread isn’t rainbow colored.


Week 4: Rainbow Narwhal


Weekly layout with narwhal cartoon


Since I enjoyed the rainbow from week four, I went with a more realistic colored narwhal and an epic rainbow horn. I made the entire calendar spread rainbow as well. Took a little extra work, but I thought it gave the weekly spread a fun touch!


Bullet Journal Narwhal Theme Monthly Review


Narwhal horn monthly review layout.


I went with an unusually simple monthly review spread, and I didn’t actually combine it with the next month’s theme (usually what I do). I just wanted to make it, and be done and over with it.


Since I couldn’t think of any more unique Narwhal ideas, I just made a horn.


At least the calligraphy is pretty, right?


What Is Fun About This Theme


This theme was fun because I really love narwhals! It was interesting to pave my own way into the theme, too, since I couldn’t find a lot of inspiration. The narwhal theme truly is a theme where you make it great by the creativity that you put into it.


What Is Hard About This Theme


So honestly, the most challenging aspect of this bullet journal theme was finding unique ideas to keep it fresh. I found upon searching Narwhal doodles, especially the more simple ones, that there isn’t a lot of variabilities available for different types of drawings.


One thing you’ll notice is that I literally couldn’t find any other bullet journal spreads done in a narwhal theme! I’m sure they exist, but you’ll have to dig very hard to find them. My attempts to find any bullet journal spreads with narwhals in them on both Instagram and Pinterest didn’t provide any results. Sorry!


Narwhal Theme Supplies


If you want to create this theme for yourself, here are some of the supplies used for the bullet journal spreads.


Faber Castell Pitt Artist PensThese reliable pens are amazing for creating easy structure in any bullet journal. faber castell pitt artist pen

I highly recommend picking up a pair in general!




Tombow Dual Brush PensA staple in any bullet journal spread, these great markers help with creating beautiful calligraphy and gorgeous colors for any doodle. tombow dual brush pen

These are definitely a must if you’re going to try Narwhal doodles of your very own!




Tombow Twintone MarkersAnother great bullet journal stationery tool to have, these were perfect for smaller doodles that required a finer pen tip. tombow twintone markers

There are a lot of great color options for these as well and they compliment the brush pens very nicely.




Uniball Signo White Gel PenCute narwhal doodles require a little ‘something’ to make them extra cute, and this fun white gel pen really brought out that cute factor. uniball signo white gel pen

A white gel pen is not only great for creating extra flair for your doodles, but they are also handy for fixing simple mistakes in your bullet journal spreads.




Uniball Signo Gold Gel Pen: The gold gel pen adds a little extra magic and shine to any bullet journal spread. Uniball Signo Gold Gel Pen

Another great addition to a pen collection!




Tombow Fudenosuke Brush PensIf you need a firmer brush pen to help with creating beautiful hand-lettering, this fudenosuke pen will help you tremendously with that detail. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

A must-have stationery supply for brand new calligraphers!




Need more great options for bullet journal supplies? Make sure to check out where I pick up all of my bullet journal stationery supplies and recommendations for excellent ones to add to your arsenal of pens and more!


Cute Narwhal Printables and Stickers


Even though my attempts to find bullet journal narwhal theme layouts were a dud, there are a lot of great printable doodles and stickers to help decorate if you decide you want to choose this theme! Here are some fun options I found from Etsy:


Bullet Journal Narwhal Theme: Final Thoughts


Bullet journal narwhal doodle habit tracker


So, while I had high hopes for my narwhal theme, it was pretty challenging because there is so little out there. I really hope that this post helps bring out some more narwhal bullet journal spreads because I’d love to see what other people come up with!


I rate this bullet journal theme 4/10 for lack of narwhal variability and lack of inspiration for this theme in general.


Have you made a Narwhal bullet journal theme layout? Tell me in the comments!