Bullet journal plant doodles and layouts you will love.


Seems like every which way you look in the bullet journal community, plants are everywhere! Plant doodles delicately framing a bullet journal cover page, adorable succulents in a weekly layout, and stunning watercolor designs featuring pretty potted plants.


You really can’t get away from the bullet journal plant theme no matter how hard you try.


Since you see so many layouts full of plants, you may be wondering if the plant theme is all it’s cracked up to be! So for March 2019, I decided to tackle my own bullet journal plant theme for my final month in my fifth bullet journal.


Now that I’ve finished, I can definitely see why it’s worth the hype. Let’s dive into the spreads!


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Bujo Supplies For Plant Doodles


Bullet journal plant theme spreads


Need great bullet journal supplies to replicate this beautiful plant theme? Here are the supplies used to decorate all the bullet journal layouts in this spread.



Faber castell pens.Zebra mildlinersDual Brush PensTombow fudenosuke pensTombow twintone markers

You don’t have to purchase these specific supplies, but everything mentioned tend to be regulars in my bullet journal stationery lineup. For other great ideas for amazing stationery supplies, make sure to check out the Ultimate Bullet Journal One Stop Shop to help create beautiful plant art.


Bullet Journal Plant Theme Cover Page


black and white bullet journal plant border cover page


I think one of the hardest parts about a plant theme was trying to figure out which angle I was going to take my cover page. Did I want to try watercolor? Simple doodles? After saving about a million pins filled with different ideas for plant doodles and calligraphy, I settled upon beautiful black and white doodles framing a negative border.


Personally, I found this setup a lot of fun and very easy. As long as you have a good pencil and a quality eraser, the negative border was extremely simple to create. A little later this post, you’ll get to see how I set this bullet journal plant theme cover page up in real time!


Monthly Calendar Plant Theme Inspiration


Bullet journal calendar with plant doodle border.


For the monthly calendar, I decided to try a similar layout to the cover page, except this time I chose to do a normal border. I personally prefer this style of calendar because it’s the least complicated to create. Also, it doesn’t take very long to set up.


Adding the doodles around this monthly calendar took almost no time at all. It was almost unfortunate that March ended on a Sunday though. I felt like that one little box at the very bottom was a bit awkward to work around.


Plant Theme Habit Tracker


Plant theme habit tracker bullet journal spread.


This habit tracker was a lot of fun to create. This time, I chose a different type of plant doodle style compared to the first two spreads. I thought that the potted plant doodles were a lot of fun and it was very easy to add variety to the plants by changing the size, shape, and style. I found it is easy to add even more variety quickly by adjusting the shape and color of the pot.


Plant Doodle Mood Tracker


Bullet journal mood tracker and goal tracker with plant art.


The mood tracker for March features lots of potted plants. Rather than just coloring the plants different colors to signify different moods, instead, I had different types of plant doodles correspond to different moods.


Goal Tracker Plant Theme Style


diy plant art bullet journal layout goal tracker.


The goal tracker format was a simple calendar style format. The goals go in the middle sections, and you either highlight or cross off the dates as you complete the goals. This setup was actually very easy to implement.


It also left a lot of space for simple, cute cactus doodles.


Plant Doodle Time Tracker


Bullet journal plant doodle time log


My time tracker is a simple layout that contains fun hanging plants to adorn the page. Want to learn how to use a time tracker in your bullet journal? Check out this great tutorial below!



Motivational Quote with Plant Theme


bullet journal quote plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life


The quote I selected for the plant theme was: “Plant dreams, pull weeds, and grow a happy life”


Being a sucker for great motivational quotes, I thought this lovely quote would be fun and inspiring for March. I really think there is a lot of truth to the quote, even if it is a bit flowery. 


Don’t mind my plant puns, I’ll be here all week.


Bullet Journal Plant Theme Weeklies


For all of my weekly setups, I choose to repeat my shell for consistency and easy of setup. What is the shell? The shell is what I call the framework of the weekly layout. There are hundreds of shell setups that exist in the bullet journaling world and it’s always fun to try a different one out every month.


The shell I created this week includes horizontal weekly layouts with sections on the outside for notes, to-do list, gratitude, and an overview of tasks for the next week. This layout left plenty of space for doodles and calligraphy to setup how I please with the plant theme.


I add variation from week to week by changing up doodles, styles, colors, and handlettering. This is what I set up for the month!


Week 1


Bullet journal watercolor plant weekly spread.


For the first week, I decided to go with more of an artsy vine appearance, inspired by something similar I found on Pinterest. I honestly think this style would have come together nicer with traditional watercolors, but I think it still turned out pretty.


Week 2

Bullet journal simple plant doodles for weekly layout.


One of the best parts about the plant theme is you can go minimalist or detailed! I enjoyed framing this setup with easy, minimalist plant doodles.


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Week 3


Two page intricate plant doodles for weekly spread in bullet journal.


Taking the last week’s theme to the next level, I went with slightly more intricate plant doodles for the third week of March. They framed the top border of the weekly layout nicely, and I got inspired by my friend Liz’s layout from this flower and plant doodles blog post. I doodled a light bulb and drew some of the leaves within the bulb.


Week 4


Cactus doodles weekly layout for bullet journaling.


For the final week of March, I chose to decorate my layout with cacti! I haven’t ever done much with drawing cactus in previous layouts, but I found a ton of great inspiration for simple doodles all over Pinterest. I didn’t realize there were so many varieties of cacti that exist!


Plant Theme Monthly Review Layout


Black and white plant theme monthly review bujo spread.


Welcome to my last spread of bullet journal number five! I went with a very simple, minimalist bullet journal review layout.


I almost always feel bad about my review pages. Since they are almost always the last spread in my setup, at this point I’m pretty fatigued of the theme. Because I get bored, I think they could turn out prettier if I had more of a fresh perspective!


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Despite getting bored, a monthly review is a necessity in all of my bullet journal monthly spreads! It’s a great way to review the information I wrote down during the month so I can make better changes for future layouts.


Other Plant Theme Bullet Journal Spread Ideas


Want some more fun and unique plant theme spreads to try in your bullet journal? Consider some of these spreads from talented artists!

A Wonderful, Easy Bullet Journal Theme


Plant themes may be very common in the bullet journal world, but honestly, they are a very easy theme to play with! You can great very detailed, intricate art if you prefer. Or, you can create very simple plants that are beautiful and don’t take much time to set up.


Inspiration is also super easy to find. A quick peek on Instagram and Pinterest brought a ton of great ideas to try out in your bullet journal. Plant theme spreads are literally everywhere!


I rate this bullet journal theme a solid 10/10! It’s a great option for bullet journalers of all levels and inspiration is everywhere. Plant themes are also very easy to customize and make your own.


What do you think of this super fun, green theme? Want to try it for yourself, or have you created this layout in your own bullet journal? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments!


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