scribbles that matter interview

An Epic Bullet Journal Interview With Scribbles that Matter

The Interview with Scribbles that Matter The Scribbles that Matter brand notebook is one of the hottest stationery supplies in the bullet journal community! This interview with Scribbles that Matter introduces behind-the-scenes information about the brand! Learn who they are, why they created the notebook and more about what they Read More

Scribbles that Matter Vs Leuchtturm1917

Scribbles that Matter or Leuchtturm1917: What’s the Best Bullet Journal Notebook?

When it comes to bullet journal supplies, there are a lot of awesome options! Often, picking the notebook is the hardest part. The two most common notebooks recommended in the bullet journal community are the Scribbles that Matter notebook and the Leuchtturm1917 notebook. That said, which one is better? Scribbles Read More

Scribbles that Matter Header

Scribbles That Matter Review: Bullet Journal Necessity or Bust?

If you’re brand new to bullet journals, getting all of the supplies ready to go can be one of the initial challenges. Well, you’re going to need a notebook first and foremost. Bullet journals cannot exist without them! There are lots of options, like the Scribbles that Matter notebook, Leuchtturm1917, Read More

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Time Management Tips for the Type B Personality

Let’s be frank. Most likely you’re reading this page because you believe you suck at time management. (But don’t fret, there are time management tips that will help!). Honestly, you may actually suck at time management. Most of you definitely do not give yourself enough credit toward your capabilities. However, Read More

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Bullet Journal Weekly Layout: 12 Tips for a Stellar Set Up

One of the most common layouts found in the bullet journal is the bullet journal weekly layout. Why is the weekly layout in your bullet journal so important? Well, the bullet journal weekly layout is where you write down significant amounts of the data you store in your bujo. It Read More