Fun and unique coffee theme ideas for bullet journal spreads.


Coffee is the best, and I was beyond excited when my Instagram followers voted for me to set up a coffee shop theme in my bullet journal!


Surprisingly this was an entirely new bullet journal theme for me, so I was more than excited when it was time to start setting up these layouts in my bullet journal.  Also, I bet you can’t tell but I did this spread and wrote most of this post like a year ago, life happens and I just never got around to publishing it.


Looking for some fun, unique ideas for your bullet journal spreads? Then come find some great inspirational layouts you’ll love. Let’s get started!


Supplies Used For This Theme


Want to recreate these layouts in your own bullet journal? You can always use whatever supplies you have on hand. However, if you’d like to know what I used for these great coffee theme layouts, here is a quick list of supplies!


Archer and Olive A5 Dot Grid Notebook

Faber Castell Pitt Black Artist pens

And of course my trusty Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers


Funny Coffee Shop Theme Cover Page


May bullet journal coffee theme cover page


Ok, a little backstory behind this cover page… since it’s not completely coffee themed!


So you can create a coffee theme for any month of the year (it’s very versatile!). My followers on Instagram actually voted for this theme for May 2019! That said, I am completely addicted to this epic meme for May.


I can’t believe I’m blogging about this…


roses are red justin timberlake


If you’re not familiar with the meme, it’s poking fun of Justin Timberlake and N-SYNC’s song “Its Gonna Be Me“. But the way J.T. sang it (if you listen close), it sounds like he says “It’s gonna be MAY.” So it was created into a meme that tends to circulate the last couple weeks of April.


I don’t know why, but I LOVE this meme. When I saw this poem, I thought it would be super fun to recreate it into a cover theme for May someday. This year, I decided to go for it! I adjusted it slightly to make it coffee-related, and voila! This fun coffee theme page was born!


Coffee Themed Bujo Calendar



Coffee theme May bullet journal spread


For this setup, beyond the cover page, I thought it would be fun to work backward with my bullet journal spreads. Usually, my calendar is the next spread is the calendar, but I started with the review first and worked my way to the front.


So, with the calendar being the last spread I set up, I was pretty bored! Thankfully I found some really cute Happy Planner coffee mug and cupcake stickers that were perfect for a coffee shop theme!


Coffee Mug Phrases Habit Tracker


May habit tracker coffee cups


One of the recommendations I received from a follower for this theme was to include a spread with cups featuring different common sayings you may find on a coffee mug! I loved drawing out simple mugs and including all sorts of fun phrases.


Personally, my favorite is “My spirit animal has rabies”. Who comes up with this?!

Coffee Theme Mood Tracker


Bullet journal mood tracker coffee cups


For the mood tracker, I thought a similar type of setup with the doodles would be a lot of fun. I asked my fans on Instagram if I should have different shades of brown to represent the mood, or if they would rather see different decorated mugs to represent mood. They selected the second option, as you can see in the key on the tracker.


I can’t wait to see how this fun coffee shop theme mood tracker will turn out!


Overwhelmed by the idea of setting up this tracker for yourself? I created a printable coffee mood tracker!


Print a copy and pop it in your own bullet journal. You can decorate your mugs any way you want!


Fun Coffee Theme Quote



Coffee quote bullet journal


There are lots of great coffee-related quotes online and I wanted a fun one to use for this theme! I had my voters decide which one they wanted, and this was the winner!


“Not all who wander are lost, some are just looking for coffee.”


Coffee Shop Theme Time Tracker



Bullet journal time tracker


During my research for this layout, I was looking for other time tracker layouts to consider. While I like the graph layout, sometimes this can be tough to monitor.


This month, I found a fun idea based off a study tracker from Pinterest. Rather than filling out the entire bar with a color, I will only do a line.


Coffee Bean Symptom Tracker


bullet journal symptom tracker coffee beans


I really liked having a symptom tracker that I added to last month’s bullet journal bee theme. I decided it would be a good idea to add this layout again because I believe it helped me become more mindful of my chronic health symptoms.


Also, do love the quote? I made it myself! I think this could become a legit quote to share.


Coffee Bullet Journal Weekly Layouts


As you may have seen earlier, everything about this setup wasn’t picked by me! I had a lot of fun engaging with my Instagram followers and having them choose what I would put in my spreads. Keep watching on Instagram to see how this spread turns out.


One of their choices this month was changing up my weekly layouts! Usually, to make life easier, I will create the same ‘weekly shell’, meaning the setup of the calendar and boxes are the same from week to week. The only thing consistent from week to week is that the spreads are horizontal layouts.


Week 1


april may bullet journal coffee mug weekly


For the first week of the month, I got inspired by two of my favorite bullet journal accounts: Nicole from Plans that Blossom and Christina77Star! I always appreciate Nicole’s fun perspective on a weekly layout, and Christina had some fun coffee theme posts made a while back.


So I merged their styles to create this fun layout! This is one of my most favorite spreads I’ve made in a long time, and I love this weekly layout. I will definitely be using this shell again in a future month.


Week 2


May weekly bullet journal coffee cups

For the second week of the month, I went with some cute decorated coffee mug doodles. Even though the designs aren’t perfect, I think it gives it this fun artsy vibe.


I switched up the pages, putting the weekly calendar on the first page this time. 


Week 3


May bullet journal weekly coffee mug


It’s my birthday week! Happy birthday to me! I found some really cute smiley face mug designs on Pinterest to inspire me for this spread. I think if I did this spread again, I would have outlined them with fineliner first. Also, I think the other change I would make would be to put the days of the week on one whole page.


While I’m not completely in love with the setup, but that’s ok! You have to try things in your bullet journal that doesn’t work to find out what you like.


Week 4


May coffee theme weekly bujo spread


I just loved the first week so much that I wanted to recreate the layout a little differently for the fourth week of the month. In my research, I found these cute coffee mugs colored outside of the lines.


After I set up these spreads, I thought the layout looked a bit plain. I added some polka dots in the same colors to add some fun.


Week 5


weekly bujo layout May coffee shop


I figured it was time for some legitimate coffee shop theme doodles in a post! I included more element doodles you’d find in a coffee shop, such as different mugs and foods you’d find in a coffee shop. This post also threatened to look a bit plain, so I added some cute red polka dots to give it a fun vibe.


Overall, I really liked doing horizontal spreads in my bullet journal weeklies. I also enjoyed changing up my weekly setup- it was a great change of pace. I think it’s important to change up styles from time to time in your bullet journal.


Coffee Cup Monthly Review



May monthly review bullet journal coffee cups


Usually, my monthly review is my LAST spread to decorate, but this month I made it my first! This means I was able to take full advantage of creative juices when setting up. I found this adorable coffee cup designs on Pinterest for a fun border option.


Another change is that I made this a two-page layout! I usually flip a page to start a new month. Since the Archer and Olive Notebooks have such amazing thick paper, I don’t have to worry about ghosting or bleeding in my spreads. I thought the two-page setup was a lot easier to decorate and work with.


Coffee Shop Doodles and Inspiration


coffee doodles bullet journal inspiration


Last month, I started creating inspirational spreads in my fun bullet journal. What is an inspirational bullet journal layout? It’s a place where I can research and design before starting setting up!


This isn’t necessary, but I found it frustrating having to constantly have Pinterest and Instagram up for inspiration while setting up my spreads. Now I have a place to turn to for ideas while creating my monthly and weekly spreads.


Other Inspirational Coffee Theme Layouts


I love getting to share fun examples of themes other people created. Here are some fun coffee shop theme bullet journal layouts to try!


Coffee bean layout bullet journal



Coffee cup cover page



Coffee calendar page



Coffee bean habit tracker



Coffee art april bullet journal cover page



floral bullet journal coffee tracker



February bullet journal coffee theme



January bullet journal coffee mug mood tracker



Should You Do a Coffee Shop Theme?


A coffee shop bullet journal theme was a lot of fun to create. It was a bit harder to find some inspiration and after a while, it felt like a lot of the ideas were pretty similar. Surprised there weren’t more bullet journal layouts for this spread, too!


That said, I would rate this theme an 8/10. You may enjoy a coffee shop theme more for a shorter month or if you have fewer bullet journal pages you set up for the month. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you create some fun spreads as well!


Remember, don’t forget to get your free printable coffee mood tracker!


What did you think of the coffee shop theme layouts? Have you created this type of spread before? Let me know in the comments!


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