Fun bee drawing and design ideas to decorate your bullet journal.


Bees are great for helping our planet thrive, not fun to be stung by, and an excellent bullet journal theme idea if you’re hunting for the perfect setup.


In April 2019 I decided to tackle a bee theme as my very first monthly spread in bullet journal number six! What’s extra interesting about this theme is that I didn’t even pick it out! A few months ago, I thought it would be fun for my followers on Instagram to choose which themes I would do for my new bullet journal.


Here’s what I found out all about the bee theme!


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Bee Theme: Supplies Used


Want to try out this setup for yourself? Here is everything you need to make the most of this super fun theme!


Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Bright, 10-Pack. Blendable, Brush and Fine Tip Markers


Tombow TwinTone Markers


Zebra Pen Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter Set, Broad and Fine Point Tips, Assorted Ink Colors, 15-Pack


Faber Castell Pitt Black Artist pens


Archer and Olive A5 Dot Grid Notebook



Ink by Jeng Rows and Columns Stencil


Honeycomb Cover Page


Bee theme bullet journal spread for April


I had the idea while setting up to try a big, blocky font and draw in honeycombs within the borders of the font. Looks beautiful, right?


Have to admit this was probably one of the hardest cover pages ever created. Drawing that small of hexagons took a lot of work and patience. Made quite a few mistakes, though you’d never actually notice them from this spread.


Good thing I keep a lot of inspiration and supplies handy to help with any bullet journal mistakes I may encounter. It was definitely needed for this pretty layout.


Bee-autiful Monthly Calendar


Monthly bee theme with hexagons


Only a year ago, one of my wonderful friends from the bullet journal community did a beautiful bee doodle theme for her setup. So far, it’s proven to be one of my absolute favorite bullet journal spreads! One of my favorites from her setup, in particular, was this absolutely spectacular monthly layout. What made her monthly calendar so incredibly unique is that it was built with hexagons rather than traditional boxes.


Once my followers chose this theme for me, I knew I had to do recreate her incredible design.


Let me tell you, setting up hexagons that are larger are definitely easier than those from the cover page.


But hexagons are just a tough shape to make without a stencil. This is why it’s so important that I set up rough drafts of my bullet journal spreads before I even put the pen to paper.


Bumble Bee Art Habit Tracker


Ready to bee-gin some better behaviors this month? Or looking to unstick yourself from some not so great habits that bring you down?


Sorry, I can’t help myself, the bee puns are too easy!


Bee theme habit tracker bullet journal


I’m always a sucker for some good, motivational quotes. I found these short, sweet, bee-related quotes that I thought would offer a different style from the previous two monthly layouts. 


Yes, I was sick of hexagons at that point!


Honey Bee Drawing Mood Tracker


Bee doodle mood tracker


I’ve really been enjoying more of the doodle mood trackers compared to traditional charts and graphs. Bees are very easy to draw, so I thought coloring the bees different shades of yellow and orange to represent mood would be really fun for this theme.


If you don’t like the idea of coloring in bees for your mood tracker, here is another fun idea you could create for a mood tracker! Create a patch of flowers to color in below, and have some bees flying above the flowers. Not sure how to draw pretty flowers? Make sure to read this helpful flower doodle tutorial that would compliment bee bullet journal layouts nicely.


Fun Bee Theme Quote


As I said earlier, love great quotes. As I often heavily rely on quotes to provide inspiration and motivation to get me through a monthly successfully, you’ll rarely find one of my monthly layouts missing a quote.


Quotes are also a great source of fun for me because I like to find quotes that match my theme. Honestly, with bee quotes, most quotes were bee puns. While that was funny, I didn’t see a lot of quotes that I just fell in love with. That said, bees are related to honey, and I did come across this beautiful quote:


“Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.” Proverbs 16:24.


Here was my take on the quote in my bullet journal!


Bee quote bullet journal


Bee-yond Functional Time Tracker


Time tracking is something you need to be doing more of in your life if you aren’t sure how much time you waste during the day. I love including one in my bullet journal as it’s a simple, creative way to understand how I’m spending the hours in my day.


April bullet journal time tracker


Want to learn more about time trackers in your bullet journal? Check out this super informative video all about time tracking!


As most of the tracker uses up space on my page, my doodles and calligraphy tend to be simple and straightforward. I created a single bee doodle with thin, pretty fonts, and decorated with some yellow and orange dots.


Bee Healthy Symptom Tracker


In the past, this spread has always been the goal tracker! However, I realized that trying to track all of my goals in my bullet journal was a lofty (and frequently unsuccessful) task.


However, one thing that’s been causing challenges I have NOT been using my bullet journal for is for my chronic illness. You may not know this, but I spent most of March ill. I had far too much testing done and I finally put my foot down for some healthier change in my life.


Along with making better choices for my health, I thought a symptom tracker would be good so I could have more tangible evidence for some of the symptoms that I deal with.


I’m not certain this will be the final layout I create. Since my symptoms aren’t too frequent, I decided this type of table would provide me ample space to write down information when I have flare-ups. The yellow portion is where I can write the date and time, and write details about the flare-up in the rest of the box.


Bujo symptom tracker bee theme


I also didn’t have a lot of extra space for decoration, so I thought it would be cute to add ‘bee healthy’ along with the symptom tracker calligraphy. Goodness, I love all these bee puns!


Bee Theme Weekly Spreads


My weekly setups for every month consist of creating similar layouts and varying the weeks by using different colors, doodles, and handlettering. Here is what I created for my weekly spreads with a bee theme.


Week 1


Bee theme weekly bujo page


For the first weekly spread, I thought it would be super fun to create a spread related to honey! After setting up the shell, I decided to decorate half of the background in various shades of light browns, amber, oranges, and yellows.


I blended the colors with my trusty Tombow Colorless Blender pen. After completing the look, I thought the background still looked a little plain. Last, I took my white gel pen and drew in some hexagons to give it a unique effect. I really like how this spread turned out.


Week 2


Bee doodle weekly bujo


For the second weekly layout, I chose a more simple setup to complement the more complex setup for week one.


Also, happen to notice anything wrong? Mistakes happen- it’s a normal part of bullet journaling.


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Week 3


Honeycomb bullet journal weekly spread


For the third weekly spread, I decided to incorporate another bee element I hadn’t created yet- the beehive! I thought it would be fun to include a cutesy bee quote within the doodle, as you can see here. I used another shade of yellow to create diagonal stripes throughout the entire spread. It was a little tricky not to color over the weekly spreads (my white-out tape saved the day more than once!)


I don’t typically include a background in my layouts, yet I found it was pretty fun! I felt like this style of background made it easier to visualize where the boxes were since I didn’t include borders in this weekly shell.


Week 4


Flying bees bullet journaling weekly layout


For the final week of April, I created these fun and simple flying bee doodles to decorate the side of the setup. For both the calligraphy and the headers, I used my Tombow Dual Brush pens to create a beautiful ombre effect.


It’s amazing how this type of style really made this weekly setup feel so much different compared to the other weeks in the month, even though the shell was exactly the same!


April Review Bee Style


I had a pretty horrific cold by the time I made this spread in real life, so I’m not extremely happy with how it turned out. However, a review isn’t about the looks, it’s about assessing how your month went and the changes you will make for the month ahead.


April review bee theme setup


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Bee Prepared: Bee Theme Ideas

I tried something very different with this setup I haven’t done in the past.


One of my biggest frustrations with setting up my bullet journal revolves around finding inspiration as I’m creating my spreads. Often while I’m setting up, I have a laptop to my side. I’m looking on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for great ideas and inspiration to help guide my layouts.


This month, I decided I wanted to be a little more prepared before I set up my spreads. Rather than hopping around trying to find inspiration while setting up my April spreads, this month I decided to create a special collection in my fun bullet journal.


Bee doodle ideas for bullet journals


What was the collection for? It contained all of my bee theme doodles, colors, calligraphy, and fonts! That way, when setting up the actual spreads, I had all of my inspiration and ideas to reference all in one place.


Bee Inspired With More Fun Ideas


I can’t help myself with these bee puns!


Anyways, so far everything in this post is from my bullet journal! However, bee themes are a fun and popular layout idea. If you’re looking for some other ideas and bullet journal layouts, here are some great bee theme spreads to help inspire you.


Weekly bee bujo spread

Lemony Fizz


Honeycomb bullet journal page



Big bee doodles bujo


Bee theme cover page bullet journal


May bullet journal bee theme cover


Bee theme monthly spread idea bullet journal


Bee doodles for April bullet journal cover page


Bee Instagram Tracker bullet journal


Bee and flower habit tracker doodles


Quote page bee theme bullet journal


Bee Prepared And Create This Fun Theme!


I found that a bee theme was a lot more fun than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the different elements that allowed this theme to have variability from spread to spread. It was also fun to have a theme that challenged me when I desired a challenge, yet also have the option for simplicity if preferred. It’s a great option for artists of all levels, and even better if you love yellow!


I rate a bee theme 9/10 because of the flexibility of setup, tons of inspiration to draw from, and great for all levels of drawing ability. It is very easy to include other fun elements such as nature and other insects to add even more variability to the spreads.


If this post inspired you to set up a bee theme, please let me know in the comments! Feel free to link your Instagram account or other social media so I can take a look at your wonderful art and ideas.


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