Learn Why You Need an Archer And Olive Notebook For Your Next Bujo


When it comes to bullet journal notebooks, I’ve found that people are frequently adamant about their notebooks containing two distinct qualities.


First, white paper. Not off white. Not mostly white. Completely white paper.


Bullet journal Archer and Olive layout


Second, they want thick paper. They want to be able to use their pens and markers and not have to worry about bleeding or ghosting in their spreads.


It seems like this kind of notebook can be challenging to find in the bullet journal world. For years (I’m not joking), people lamented that many of the most popular notebook options did not fit these two desires.


But now that Archer and Olive are in the community, you don’t have to worry about settling for less anymore.


Learn more about this incredible notebook brand and find out whether this product will help suit your bullet journal needs. In the end, you’ll find out where you can purchase them.


This post is sponsored by Archer and Olive; I have received notebooks for free to try and review. All opinions of this product are my own.  By clicking the image and purchasing items, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please see my disclosure for more details.


A New Bullet Journal Dot Grid Notebook Option


Archer and Olive Bullet Journal Planner Notebook


Archer and Olive is a stationery and notebook brand based in the United States that decided to address the needs people often requested in the bullet journal community.


Archer and Olive worked to create many different types of styles and sizes of notebooks to fit those very needs. In fact, they’ve done such a good job that they frequently sell out of their notebooks (don’t worry, they do often offer pre-orders!).


It’s so nice to find a company that is truly aligned with the bujo community.


Here is more information about what you’ll find in these terrific notebooks.


Information about Archer and Olive Notebooks


weekly archer and olive notebook layout


All Archer and Olive A5 dot grid notebooks contain:


  • 160 GSM paper
  • 160 pages (or a 192-page option, as well!)
  • A pen holder
  • Two attached ribbon bookmarks
  • An attached elastic band to close around the notebook.
  • Back pocket for storage


Archer and Olive does offer some other specialties (such as their blackout style featuring completely black pages) and different sizes. While all boast 160 gsm paper thickness, as well as the physical features of the notebook being similar, it’s worth noting there may be some individual differences in the number of pages.


One thing that Archer and Olive notebooks don’t have?


Page numbers.


Again, I’m not saying this because it’s a bad thing (honestly, I don’t prefer them), but I know there are people who really enjoy utilizing them to help them track information.


The other thing that Archer and Olive notebooks don’t have is guided pages; this is a plain notebook with only dot-grid pages. It would be your responsibility to set up common layouts such as keys, pen-testing pages, and table of contents.


A structured 12-month undated planner does exist if you require a bit more structure, though this is not dotted.


Meet Bonnie from Archer And Olive


I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the owner of this incredible company through several mutual friends, as well as through the Tombow Brand Ambassador community.


Bonnie is an awesome boss mom to a 1.5-year-old child. She started journaling as a way to help cope with mental illness. She started Archer and Olive as a means to share her love for journaling to help others.


She is also a small independent one-woman business- that’s no small feat!


My favorite fact is that her company is named after her two adorable kitties. Isn’t that epic?!


What Can You Do With These Notebooks?


A&O Planner Bullet Journal calendar


Because of the high quality of paper, you can do so much with this notebook! It’s perfect for general bullet journaling, but you can also:


  • Watercolor
  • Paint
  • Handletter
  • Doodle
  • Journal


The quality is good enough to handle just about any medium I’ve come across so far.


Archer And Olive Plan With Me Video


Want to see what you can do with an A&O Notebook in action? Check out this epic video to see how the creator uses one for her bullet journal!



First Impression With A&O Notebooks



I tried Archer and Olive for my sixth bullet journal notebook. I heard nothing but incredible things about this brand from many of my friends as well as other influencers in the bullet journal community.


When I selected my first notebook, I loved the variety of unique covers. It was easy to find a style that suited my likes and preferences.


Once I received my notebook in the mail, it was beautiful, sturdy, and good quality. The paper is very white, smooth, and thick.


Personal Archer and Olive Review


As I mentioned earlier, I’m using my A&O notebook as my 6th bullet journal running April 2019-September 2019.


The amount of ghosting is extremely minimal compared to nearly every other type of notebook I’ve used. I’ve loved not having to double up on pages when creating a marker or paint heavy spread.


One extra benefit I’ve found with the thicker paper is that it’s almost harder to wrinkle the pages while erasing. That’s always frustrating!


I personally love getting to use all of my pens and markers with my bullet journal this time around. I’ve found that I’ve had to forgo many types in previous notebooks because the style just doesn’t handle well with thinner paper quality.


bullet journal floral archer and olive notebook


I did deal with a little bit of bleeding when it comes to watercolor; however, this is at no fault of the notebook. I’m completely new to watercolor; and unfortunately, if you get ANY paper too wet, of course it’s going to bleed.


Thankfully, that has been SUPER minimal and easily adjustable with stickers and washi.


I absolutely love my Archer and Olive and will continue to use them for future bujo notebook needs.


They also have terrific customer service. I bought a notebook for a friend and there was a small defect with the notebook. They take these situations seriously and offered to remedy it for no extra fee.


Why Are They So Expensive?


bujo cover page Archer and Olive


Archer and Olive Notebooks currently have a price point of around $30-40 based on size and style.


Yes, this is definitely a higher expense compared to a lot of other bullet journal notebook brands and has been a turn off for many people.


That said- I’m here to defend.


Many other notebooks require extra workaround to deal with ghosting or bleeding. For me, I would much rather pay a bit extra to not deal with frustration regarding this particular point. Most people who try the Archer and Olive brand fully agree.


For individuals who aren’t artists, this may be a safer bet because if you’re experimenting with newer mediums of paint/markers/pens, you’re less likely to run into bad situations with lesser quality notebooks.


The other thing is it’s hard to find truly WHITE paper.


I have used many other brands and in comparison to my A&O, every other notebook I’ve owned doesn’t hold a candle to a true white.


Where Can I Buy Notebooks?


The primary place you can purchase their notebooks is on their website.


There is free shipping on all domestic orders over $75.


For international orders, free shipping is available on orders over $100. You can find more information on their FAQ page.


It’s worth noting you may find these notebooks in other specialty shops; however, (as of June 2019) these notebooks are not on Amazon.


What else does Archer and Olive offer?


Beyond standard notebooks, Archer and Olive offers these great specialty notebooks:


Archer and Olive blackout notebook


A5 Sketchbooks
Gilded Edge A5 Dot Grid Notebooks
Blackout Dot Grid Notebooks (Fully BLACK pages!)
A5 Lined Notebooks
A5 Graph Notebooks
Undated Planner


Make sure to check out their awesome blog for more ideas, tutorials, and freebies you’ll love to get your hands on!


You’ll also find Archer and Olive on social media at:




You can learn more about Archer and Olive, their mission, and information about Bonnie on their about page.


Should You Buy an A&O Notebook For Your Bullet Journal?


bullet journal reward chart archer and olive


Absolutely. I highly recommend them and will likely continue using them for primary notebooks from here and beyond.


These notebooks are worth the expense and beyond.


As I mentioned earlier- yes- it does have a higher price point. But please don’t let that scare you!


So think of it this way. A lot of other popular brands have great options for not that much less in price. If paper quality and color will frustrate you enough, I would wholeheartedly say that it’s worth the extra cost to avoid these issues.


Even if you purchase less expensive notebooks and find you’re buying multiple types due to unhappiness with the product, in the long run, are you really saving money?


Whether you’re a beginner or an established bullet journal user, you cannot go wrong with this lovely brand.


Have you used an Archer and Olive Notebook before? Do you like them? Thinking about buying one for yourself and have more questions? Leave them below in the comments section!


Buy Your Dot Grid A5 Notebook here!


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