First of all, who doesn’t love powerful quotes?

Sometimes they hold dear meaning to you. Maybe it was a parent’s mantra. Maybe the quote hung on your favorite teacher’s wall in class. Or the quote may have helped push you through a challenging time.

So why should you put quotes in your bullet journal?

First of all, not everybody is going to want to. That’s ok!

There are a lot of people who use their bullet journals as a creative outlet. Doodling is extraordinarily relaxing. Lettering calligraphy with brush pens is pretty addicting.

Many more people utilize various strategies in their bullet journals to help increase productivity and motivation.

So for those who are desire their bullet journals to operate as motivational as well as a creativity tool, quotes are a perfect way to do both at the same time.

Where To Put a Quote

Do Camels Celebrate Hump Day?!

I can’t be as helpful here because ultimately, that’s going to be up to you. I’ll provide some suggestions to where you may enjoy featuring a quote.

  • On the first page of your bullet journal.
  • Featured on any random blank page beyond the first page.
  • Implemented as a part of your weekly or monthly layouts.
  • To enhance a collection or tracker.
  • Painted on the cover your notebook (or a quote sticker if you’re like me and have no painting skills).
  • Related to a theme of a particular layout or collection.

In all honesty, quotes can be anywhere and everywhere.

Quotes About Not Giving Up


“I Want To See What Happens If I Don’t Give Up”
Quote page created by myartsybujo on Instagram

When people are starting out with bullet journals, there is this fear of quitting. A lot of people who use bullet journals are extraordinarily creative and don’t really like to stick within the confines of a particular planner. So in a sense, many are tentative about diving in because they feel they may quit.

 I’m pretty sure I had some type of similar page in my first bullet journal.

Quotes like these can serve as powerful inspiration to keep going when you feel like quitting.

My favorite place to put this type of quote: As page 1 of your bullet journal! Nothing is more inspirational than having a “never giving up” quote than the first page. When you feel like quitting, you can go back to the start of your bullet journal. You can remind yourself of your quote, and where you’ve come since.

Quotes To Reflect The “Small Stuff”

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“Enjoy the Little Things”
Quote page created by kikibs_blog on Instagram

Quotes have a tendency to be extraordinarily profound and good for BIG life events.

Life is mostly made of the little things, however. And it’s important to remember this!

When people only live for the big events, they miss a lot of what is right in front of them. It’s important to take a moment and practice mindfulness in this regard. Take five minutes (or even just ONE minute if you’re short on time).

Breathe in and out slowly. Notice the beauty in the familiar and mundane. Embrace the thoughts that come about while trying this exercise. Write about it your bullet journal. Make a gratefulness collection to help you notice this.

It’s amazing how just a simple quote can help us remember to stop and smell the roses.

My favorite place to put this type of quote: My favorite place to put this kind of quote is in my weekly layout! This is where I probably spend the most time in my bullet journal, so it’s nice to have that brief reminder frequently to take a moment and notice what is going on around me.

Quotes That Inspire Personal Change


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“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered by your old nonsense.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quote page created by dibersbrain on Instagram

First of all, WOW, what an incredible quote!

Bullet journals are a lovely place to work on improving yourself. What is better than adding a quote to help motivate and encourage these personal changes? It’s hard to find the energy to make those changes sometimes, so these types of quotes are really important to use from time to time.

One of the best things about these types of quotes is that the VERY same quote is capable of encouraging people in different ways. Each person has their own journey, their own uphill climb. It’s so great that people are comfortable sharing these quotes in our online communities. Sometimes just a quote is enough to get you going.

My favorite place to put this type of quote: I love putting a personal quote page before a tracker. Sometimes I’ll put the quote in the same page as a tracker if I know there is enough room. Otherwise the page prior is great because it’s right there to remind you every time you go to work on growing and changing yourself.

Quotes to Uplift During Challenging Times


“Her Success is Not My Failure” – Latasha Haynes
A quote page created by me, Planning Mindfully, featured on my Instagram account

As mentioned in the last post, we all have our battles and our trials. Sometimes our situations can feel too much to bear.

What is so great about quotes to help us during times of trial is that it provides the reminder that you aren’t alone. That somebody else has endured a similar struggle. They’ve been able to provide perspective to help other people overcome those same challenges.

Sometimes your struggles may be temporary. Others may be continual. Regardless of whatever may cause strife, use these quotes to help build you up and remind you that you’re good, you’re capable, and that you’re beautiful.

My favorite place to put this kind of quote: I really enjoy using these whenever I’m having a particular challenge. For instance, the quote I showed about “her success is not my failure” was brought at a time where I felt insecure compared to other people who were doing well. In this case, I used it in my weekly. Put it wherever you need to see it.

Lighthearted Quotes

“My Alone Time is for Everyone’s Safety”
A quote page created by teapluspaper on Instagram

Sometimes quotes don’t need to be all powerful. They don’t need to remind us to pay attention to our world. And they certainly don’t always have to serve some big (or small!) purpose.

Sometimes our day just needs a little humor. A little smile to lift our spirits. You occasionally just need something ‘fun’.

If life were all serious, all the time, that would just be not pleasant! So make sure to put the lighthearted, the fun in your bullet journal. It can be as silly as you want! Just like the image about camels celebrating hump day toward the top, put in the things that make you feel happy.

My favorite place to put this kind of quote: Sometimes I like to put these close to places near the motivational quotes that uplift. I think they tend to serve as a good combination; the inspiration to push through along with the cute that makes you smile.

Choose Quotes That Suit You

There are literally quotes everywhere. You don’t need to pick the ones in this post (unless you want to, of course!).

I have made a “Powerful Quotes” board on Pinterest if you’d like a singular place to start looking! I’ll continue adding links about quotes and individual quotes to this board as I find them, but you may find some inspiration just by starting here!

What are some of your favorite posts to include in your bullet journal? What type of quotes do you use the most?

I can’t wait to read and learn some new quotes from you guys!

Until then,

(PS- Did some of the information about this article not make a lot of sense? I recommend checking out this Bullet Journal Glossary– it’s a great introduction post that breaks down some of the more common Bullet Journal terminology!)

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