How to Organize Your Home and Life with a Bullet Journal


It is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that comes with running a household. Trying to keep track of bills coming in, meal prep planning and appointments for everyone in the family seems like a constant struggle.


There is a simple way to get on top of your to-do list and organize your household. How?


Use a bullet journal!


Home improvement layout for bullet journal


We all know how a bullet journal can help with our personal life and productivity but it can also be used as an amazing tool to help you get your home organized.


Using a bullet journal for home organization means that you can create a customizable and adjustable system that works for you and your household.


In this post, I am going to show you how to use your bullet journal for household organization and why you should be doing it.


Why Use a Bullet Journal To Organize Your Household?


A bullet journal is a planning and organizational system created by hand to help with planning, self-awareness, and personal development. You can add any pages, lists or spreads that will help you keep track of what needs doing and when. You can add anything from shopping lists to meal plans and family calendars.


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Bullet journaling article to help you clean and organize your home

The best part is that it is one of the most simple organization methods to set up and below I will give you some of my favorite ways to use a bullet journal for organizing my home.


But remember that bullet journaling is a very personal journey, and one may constantly change. So don’t be afraid to change pages, add new ideas or drop spreads that no longer suit you. There is never any wrong or right way to use a bullet journal.


If you are worried that your personal bullet journal with your home/family projects this can be solved with this one tip: have a separate journal for your household. That way everyone that shares the home can go to it for reference.


Recommended Bullet Journal Supplies


Don’t panic if you don’t have a bullet journal yet! To get started, go ahead and order these supplies:


A dot grid notebook

Colored fineliner pens

A Small Ruler




There are lots of other supplies you can order as well. Learn which 7 tools are best for keeping a bullet journal here!


How To Start Organizing Your Household


Often knowing where to even start is the hardest part of getting organized. The very first thing I would suggest doing is a brain dump. A brain dump is a page in your journal where you free write or draw all the things that are on your mind right now.


By sifting through all the things you have noted you will find what sort of things will work effectively in your Bullet Journal. Things like appointments, jobs that need doing around the home, things you need to remember to purchase at the store and lots more. This is a great start to know what collections will be best for you.


Brain dump layout for organizing your home inspiration


As an added bonus you will also feel amazing getting all that out of your mind on to paper! If you are new to this idea you can find out how to do an effective brain dump here.


Once you have all of your thought on paper you will able to organize your notes by category and develop a household system.


Bullet Journal Household Organization Ideas


So how exactly can you use your bullet journal to help with household chores? Here are some ways you can utilize your bullet journal to make home organization a breeze!


Spring cleaning layouts


Spring cleaning is a job we all tend to put off as it can seem like a huge task. It really does make your home feel amazing though so it is worth the time and effort.


If you are really serious about staying organized you will enjoy these handy spring cleaning hacks to optimize this not-so-glamorous job.


Make spring cleaning a breeze by using your bullet journal. You can find collection inspiration for preparation, cleaning schedules and more with these 7 ways to use your bullet journal for spring cleaning.


Meal planning spreads


You can also use your bullet journal to meal plan ahead. This will not only save you time but money and effort too. You can also add a shopping list to your bujo and even add those recipes that are staples in your home.


Check this post to learn how I use my bullet journal to make a meal planning system (plus a nice little hack to reuse the spread all the time!)


Meal prepping layout for bullet journal home organization


Household budget and bill trackers


Your Bullet Journal is a fantastic place to keep track of your finances and never miss a bill again. There are many finance and budget spread layouts that will sure help you keep track of your savings, spending, house investments and household bills.


In this post, you will find great budget and expenses page layouts for inspiration.


Lists for household decluttering


One of the best ways to get organized is to first declutter. Simplifying your space means it is much easier to stay organized, it also feels so much better. A great way to start decluttering is by using the Konmari method and use the checklist in your bullet journal.


Konmari bullet journal spread idea


Home improvement and repairs list


This spread is so helpful to keep an ongoing list of those odd jobs that need doing around the home like painting, repairs and home improvement ideas for the future. Be sure to transfer these over as action steps to your daily, weekly or monthly spreads so they get done.


Bullet journal layouts to try with home improvement spread


Habit Trackers


Getting organized is all about creating the right habits. Simple things like having a morning routine can really help you keep on top of things. Making sure that you keep track of your cleaning routine and household chores daily will also help you stick to the habit of organizing your household with your bullet journal often!


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Bullet Journal Collections to Organize Your Home


The collection ideas I shared above are more related to getting your home functionalities organized. However, another aspect of home organization is related to the people living in it, each with their own schedule.


bullet journal cleaning journal layout


Here is a list of collections that I have found really useful in helping me stay organized and on track of my family’s activities and appointments.
You definitely don’t need all of them, just pick some of the ideas that you like.


Create a Family Calendar Spread


This is a calendar for the whole families appointments and activities so everyone knows where everyone will be during the week. You could literally add anything to this calendar such as doctor and dental appointments, children’s school breaks, sports schedules and more.


This way you won’t double book anything, miss an appointment or forget events. This is especially helpful if you have children that do lots of after-school activities.


To-Do List Layout


This is a place where you add your notes and tasks quickly as you remember them or they come up. Just remember to schedule these into your daily, weekly or monthly spreads so that they turn into action steps that get done.


Chore Lists for Children


Bullet journal layouts and spreads for household management

Stop arguments and sibling disagreements by creating a simple chore chart or list in your bujo that everyone in your family can refer to and mark tasks as completed.


Important Names and Contacts


It is always a good idea to keep a master list of all the important contacts you need for a happy and healthy home. From your family doctor to your preferred plumber and electrician.


Emergency Plan of Action


Keeping a simple plan where everyone can find it is a great idea in case of emergencies. Knowing where wills are kept, next of kin and other details can be super helpful in stressful situations.


Use Your Bullet Journal to Make Life Easier


Ready to organize your household using your bullet journal? Select those lists and spreads that you think will help your household run more smoothly and begin your way to an organized household.


Do you have any extra special tips to give to organize your household with a bullet journal? Let me know in comments below.


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