This time of year seems to be a favorite for many, both in real life and in the bullet journal community! With the weather finally cooling down and all things spooky popping up everywhere you go, bullet journals are no exception to the fun Halloween trend.

In fact, I find that this is one of my favorite seasons in the bullet journal community for this very reason! There is some spectacular artwork that comes out of the woodwork for the month. Favorite shows, favorite traditions, and favorite books come to life within the pages of many a bullet journal.

So this month I went ahead and created a bullet journal Halloween theme of my own! Let’s check it out!

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Bullet Journal Halloween Theme Cover Page

For my bullet journal Halloween theme, I decided to do a mix of common elements found in Halloween coupled with a giant pumpkin in the middle.

Bullet journal halloween theme cover page for October with candy corn and other halloween doodles

For the font, I chose a look that reminded me of a spider web. It was actually a really fun font to play with and draw.

I used my Faber Castell pens to outline the doodles and drew in with my Tombow Dual Brush pens.

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendar

For my monthly calendar, I decided that I wanted to continue with the pumpkins more in detail. Here was what I created for my bullet journal Halloween theme.

Bullet journal monthly calendar with pumpkins

I’ve been favoring this type of monthly calendar layout because it seems like there is more space to write events and items that occur during the month.  I was able to categorize the month into four section types.

To draw, I used a fun font for the lettering. I used a Faber Castell small size pen for the outline and letters and drew in the pumpkins with Tombow Dual Brush pens and a white gel pen. I used the Faber Castell and the gel pen to write in the categories.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Bullet journal habit tracker with ghost and spiderweb border

I literally had so much fun creating this spooky spider web layout! Not only did it turn out great, but it was also a super easy spread to create as well.

For the border, I colored in the section with two shades of purple Tombow Dual Brush pens. I used the darkest shade of a purple Tombow Dual Brush pen to write in the lettering. I used different sizes of Faber Castell pens to build the tracker and to also write the quote and the month ‘October’.

Last, I used a white gel pen to create the spider web appearance in the background of the purple border.

The layout of the habit tracker includes mostly habits, but the last eight tracking options are also my goal tracking.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Bullet journal ghost mood tracker and time tracker

I had so much fun with the ghost in the habit tracker that I decided I wanted to repeat them for my mood tracker. Check out this mood tracker for my bullet journal Halloween theme!

Initially, I thought I would color in the ghosts for the moods. This month, however, I had a brilliant idea. Instead of drawing in the ghosts with color, why not draw in faces representing my moods? Seriously brilliant.

And the ghosts are very easy to draw. Each ghost has its own look and personality- you literally cannot draw a ghost wrong.

I used a 1.5mm Faber Castell pen to draw out the ghosts, and a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen to write the lettering.

Bullet Journal Time Tracker

Bullet journal time tracker for October with black and blue border with block lettering

I’ll be honest, the time tracker didn’t quite turn out the way I was hoping. It wasn’t bad, but I had planned to do a night time appearance with the border. What happened instead was after setting up the colors, I had to stop what I was doing, and when I came back later with a watercolor brush pen, it wouldn’t blend. Whoops.

Regardless, I think it has kind of a spooky feel to it. I used block lettering for the words. I created hours of the day for each day because it’s frankly less annoying than drawing little lines for each day.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

The weekly spreads for my bullet journal Halloween theme were a blast to make. I went with a simplistic setup for the calendar portion so I could have a lot of fun creating beautiful art for the border.

Week 1

Bullet journal weekly spread with candy corn

For week one, I went with candy corn! I wanted the border to literally be all candy corn, and it turned out beautifully.

I even added a little candy corn between the notes and next week section (I repeated this with the week’s look for each weekly layout, actually!).

To draw, I outlined the candy corn and weekly set up with a medium Faber Castell pen. I used Tombow Dual Brush pens to color in the candy corn. I used a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen for the calligraphy.

Week 2

Bullet journal weekly spread with potions of bright colors

For week two, I chose to do doodles of potions for the bullet journal Halloween theme. Again, they turned out beautifully and were very simple to draw. I used Faber Castell pens of varying width to outline the page and the potions.

I colored the potions with Tombow Dual Brush pens, then used a white gel pen to give the potions a 3D appearance.

Week 3

Bullet journal weekly spread with graveyard border at night

For week three, I decided to draw graves at night. That’s not creepy, is it? To be clever, I made the date box look like the birth and death dates that you would typically find in a grave.

I used Faber Castell pens of varying width to set up the page and the outline of the grass and graves. Then I drew in the banner with Tombow Dual Brush pens. I used a white gel pen to draw the stars.

Week 4

Bullet journal weekly spread with spider and spiderweb borderI realized I may make some enemies with a spider-themed spread (hello phobia- I don’t like them either!), but I thought they’d be perfect for a bullet journal Halloween theme! Additionally, I gave the spiders little red eyes to add to the creep factor.

I went with the same font I used for my cover page because I thought it would fit in nicely with this particular week’s theme.

All of the setups for this page was created with Faber Castell pens, with the exception of the eyes, where I used Tombow Twintone markers.

Week 5

Bullet journal weekly spread with ghost border

Week 5 was DEFINITELY my favorite weekly spread I’ve created in a while. Again, super cute and very easy. I decided to go with cute ghosts because, well, why not? Like the mood tracker, you can’t really go wrong with ghosts!

I set up the page and outlined the doodles with Faber Castell pens. I used a little color from a light pink Tombow Dual Brush pen.

Halloween Bullet Journal Monthly Review

Have you created a monthly review in your bullet journal before? They can be SUPER valuable in helping you track the information you log throughout the month, so you can continue to optimize yourself and your bullet journal for future months.

Monthly review bullet journal spread with a narwhal in a mummy costume

I usually keep my monthly review pages simple. To set up, I used a medium Faber Castell pen for the boxes and the mummy Narwhal (can you tell what the theme for November will be?).

I used Tombow Dual Brush pens for the calligraphy.

More Bullet Journal Halloween Theme Ideas

My followers on Instagram create some beautiful art for their bullet journals! Here were some of the coolest bullet journal Halloween theme spreads I found from #plannerpicturefeature!

October cover page spread for bullet journal with spooky pumpkin doodles

I love how she went with a spooky pumpkin cover page. It goes to show how you can draw similar types of spreads for a bullet journal Halloween theme, but that they can turn out so differently!

Bullet journal weekly spread with haunted house and halloween quote


She never disappoints with her beautiful bullet journal spreads, and she nailed this gorgeous spooky house for her weekly bullet journal Halloween set up.

Bullet journal monthly calendar with chucky theme


This incredibly spooky Chucky theme is terrifying and beautiful at the same time- literally, how do people do this so well?  This monthly calendar page turned out perfect, and the circle layout is incredible.

Bullet journal weekly spread with background skeleton hand and halloween coloring


This funky weekly set up for Halloween is incredible. The skeleton in the background is phenomenal, and I love how she incorporated everything in a single page.

Bullet journal weekly spread with skeleton hand holding a flower doodle


Here’s another skeleton weekly set up. Remember what I said about how you can do similar themes between two people, but they look so different? This is also beautiful, but a completely different look than the spread above.

Bullet journal monthly spread with pumpkins and calligraphy on marble background surrounded by markers.


I wasn’t the only one to do a pumpkin theme monthly calendar! She went with with the box calendar,  and I love how she spread out the pumpkins across the entire page. The border is a nice touch, too.

Bullet journal weekly spread with nightmare before Christmas


A beautiful Nightmare before Christmas bullet journal Halloween weekly spread. I love the creativity- you can definitely tell she’s a fan of the movie.

Bullet journal weekly spread with halloween washi, stickers, and colors


She is the master of the collage, and she nailed it for Halloween. I love her use of spooky stickers, printouts, and washi tape.

Bullet journal weekly spread with a cobweb design


While this weekly spread doesn’t scream Halloween, the background has a spiderweb feel that’s super cool and spooky at the same time.

October cover page bullet journal spread with outdoor fall setting


I love this Halloween bullet journal cover page with a very autumn feel to the spread. Sometimes Halloween spreads don’t have to be spooky, but seeing pumpkins and leaves falling is a huge joy knowing that a favorite season is right around the corner.

Bullet journal weekly spread with haunted house theme


Love this variant of a haunted house weekly spread. The skeletons, ghosts, cat, and tattered windows give this a spooky vibe, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

Your Favorite Bullet Journal Halloween Spreads

If you’re a bullet journal user, have you created any amazing bullet journal Halloween spreads? If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to see them! Make sure to use the hashtag #plannerpicturefeature, and you may be featured in future blog posts and Instagram reposts.

If you’re just getting inspiration, what bullet journal Halloween spreads are your favorite? Feel free to put your favorite links and blog posts in the comments! I can’t wait to see them!

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Fun and spooky bullet journal halloween theme inspiration pin

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