Update January 3, 2019: Billionaire Blog Club no longer exists… but Dare to Conquer does! It’s literally the same thing, EXCEPT this course focuses on how to make your online business succeed. So it’s not just blogs now- it’s much more. All links are now converted to Dare to Conquer instead of Billionaire Blog Club.

Enrollment is open as of today.

My Honest Review of Billionaire Blog Club

Are you a brand new blogger and have no idea what to start? Or have you been blogging for a while and seem to be hitting dead end after dead end for pageviews and income? Billionaire Blog Club may be an opportunity for you to consider. I think it’s a good choice for many people regardless of where they are at in their blogging journey; however, it may not be for everybody. This Billionaire Blog Club review will hopefully help you determine whether BBC is the right fit for you as a blogger.

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

(This article contains affiliate links; if you click on items and purchase them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, read my disclosure.)

Why I Joined Billionaire Blog Club

When I first started dreaming about my blog in the spring of 2017, I had no idea how to make it happen. My previous attempt at blogging in 2009 was poor, at best. That blog was more like a scandalous, personal diary and didn’t lead to anything specific or provide anything to anybody who read it.

Knowing that I had to do something different if I wanted to succeed blogging, I took to Pinterest and Google and started searching “How to Start a Blog”.

There were a lot of links and pins that instantly made me raise an eyebrow. I knew it didn’t take fifteen minutes to start a blog. I knew making money had to be a challenging, long-term adventure. I’ll admit that I probably searched for different blogs and blog courses for weeks trying to find one I identified with. Eventually, I signed up for a few free email courses on the ones that seemed to offer content a little different from most of the garbage I waded through.

That is until I came across Billionaire Blog Club for the first time in June 2017.

At this point, I had purchased one blogging course that seemed mildly promising. I still felt like that course was missing something. I didn’t like how that particular course made everything sound so ‘easy-breezy’.

(No, I’m not going to vilify other courses publicly, if you’d like to know more, reach out to me).

Billionaire Blog Club Was… Different

So, I found Billionaire Blog Club through the creator’s sister blog Obstacle.co.

There was something very different about the content within the blog posts on how to start a blog that I hadn’t seen from other people. I was finding posts like:

And honestly? I liked that this guy didn’t make blogging seem like it was a piece of cake. I knew it was going to be work and it was going to be challenging. With every blog post I read, I couldn’t help but think “This guy is actually truthful about the blogging process.”

So I signed up for his free 12-day blogging bootcamp when it flashed across the screen.

Like he said, I got the email right away, and it impressed me that this guy, Paul, wasn’t salesy. He said blogging is hard work, that he failed and had success, along with the fact that he wasn’t going to be super positive while encouraging me to ‘follow my passion’.

At the end of the email, he even asked me about myself, and then responded to my reply. That impressed me.

Each daily email was better than the last. And about two weeks after I got the first email in my inbox, I knew I had to sign up.

It was the best choice I ever made. But more on that later… this is the Billionaire Blog Club review, so let’s get into what it has in store!

What is Billionaire Blog Club (BBC)

Billionaire Blog Club is a self-paced blogging program created by Paul Scrivens. It provides a detailed guide for bloggers who want to get started or improve their blogging results through many techniques suited for many different types of blog niches.

Paul Scrivens (I refer to him as Paul or Scrivs, he has no preference) isn’t your run of the mill blogger. He runs more than 13 different blogs scattered across niches such as fitness, health, parenting, lifestyle, food, finance and, of course, blogging. His rationale behind having so many blogs is that he wants to understand the formula people use to bring in page views and income despite the niche they choose for blogging.

When Will It Open

It has not been determined when there will be future enrollment periods; however, the creator stated it would likely open a few more times through the end of the year. Scrivs has made clear that not all new content for BBC 4.0 will be available immediately. Since he creates and codes everything himself, expect a slow rollout of information over a two-month time frame. If you join, there will be plenty to work on while waiting for other content to release.

You can enroll for Billionaire Blog Club here. (And if enrollment is not open, the link will direct you to a waiting list.)

A free option is to join his free “12 Day Blogging Bootcamp“. This provides a strong foundation of how Billionaire Blog Club runs prior to committing to join.

How Much Does Billionaire Blog Club Cost?

Billionaire Blog Club currently offers 3 tiers of membership, depending on what type of content you’d like to purchase.

His most popular option is the Lifetime Membership, which includes everything that Paul has to offer (which is quite a bit). This tier is a $500 one time fee. Not only do you receive every piece of content he offers for this price, you also get the guarantee of receiving all new future content for free.

That’s a pretty stellar bargain for everything he has to offer (you can read more about what you’ll receive below).

Additional Options

Paul additionally offers three other limited blogging membership options. As of January 3, 2019, they are all open to the public, though the Affiliate Marketing course is still being completed.

The tiers are:

Pinterest- ($200 one time fee for lifetime access)– His Pinterest course is by far one of his strongest individual courses he offers. It includes 37 videos on how to create a strong Pinterest account to complement your blog. You’ll receive information on setting up a Pinterest account, how to create the perfect pins, pinning strategy information, and even brief information on how to utilize Tailwind.

Affiliate Marketing- ($200 one time fee for lifetime access)– The affiliate course includes 22 different videos providing you over four hours of amazing insight on how to optimize your affiliate strategy to make money on your blog. This course is still being finalized…

SEO– ($200 one time fee for lifetime access)– This SEO course helps you learn what SEO is and how to master it quickly for your blog, so you can start driving traffic from Google and other search engines.

Worth noting that the lifetime membership option also provides you access to both the Pinterest and Affiliate Marketing Courses. For simplicity, the remainder of the review will focus on the Lifetime Membership option.

What does BBC Include:

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

Billionaire Blog Club Lifetime Membership Includes the following Premium Courses:

The Lifetime Membership also includes these mini-courses and ebooks:

  • Billionaire WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Creation

Invaluable Extras

Your Lifetime Membership includes these invaluable extras:

Challenges/Paths: Specific tasks you’re given that you must complete for your blog to succeed regardless. You’ll learn how to get your first 10,000 page views, how to get your first 1000 email subscribers, how to reach $1000 in revenue, and you’ll also learn how to create your first paid product.

Exchange: In the Member Exchange, you’re able to post tasks (leaving comments on posts, repinning content, like Facebook posts) which other members can complete to help promote your information. Likewise, you are also able to help other community members. By helping other people, you earn points. You need a certain amount of points to create tasks of your own. It’s a terrific way to help one another out without just one person doing everything for themselves.

Pinterest Group Board Directory: Ever find it can get pretty tough joining group boards on Pinterest? This is where BBC members can post their own group boards and learn how you can join them. It certainly makes the task of joining group boards way easier.

24/7  Community Chat: All tiers of Billionaire Blog Club include the opportunity to network with other individuals within BBC through the amazing Slack community. This community is open 24/7 and operates much like a chatroom where you can connect with other bloggers to ask questions and share whatever you’d like. This is a great place to connect with Scrivs directly, who makes himself available to communicate with all of the members of BBC.

I’ve made some amazing friends and incredible connections with bloggers I never thought possible since joining Billionaire Blog Club. You’ll quickly find a sense of home in the community chat and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Is Billionaire Blog Club Worth It?

Absolutely yes. YES YES YES.


Because you get all of this from Scrivs by joining Billionaire Blog Club.

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

Information- You learn the specific, actionable steps that bring your blog to life and get you results without worrying about all of the little details that people get caught up on.

Truth- BBC fully acknowledges that this process is hard and it takes work. This course will not bring you success just by owning it. You will only have success if you do the work and follow the guides.

Direct assistance- I have yet to find another course almost an entire year of being with BBC where a course creator is so content with helping you directly with your problems. This hands DOWN is amazingly valuable. Any serious issues I’ve had, Paul has been there to guide me through them.

Results- I have yet to meet a person who has done exactly what Paul recommends and not find success. To be perfectly honest, most people who say they aren’t getting results aren’t actually doing the work the way Paul recommends.

Putting It Together

When you consider the information + truth + direct assistance, you’re getting some pretty unique value in Billionaire Blog Club. When Paul is there to guide you directly and help you understand the information you’re struggling with, you’re going to win no matter what. Add that to his truth, he’s willing to work with you no matter how many times it takes for him to get through to you to find success. He’s had to do it for me many times.

When you add the results to the mix, now you have something extraordinarily unique. You have to remember, Paul isn’t just telling you you’ll get those results. He’s done the work to get results for himself. He has given you incredible value of time and energy by breaking down his own hard work and positive results to help you find success.

You’ll Get Your Investment Back

If I told you “Pay $500 today and in 4-12 months from this moment you’d be making $1000+ per month going forward”, would you do it?

I did. From my 5th month of blogging onward, I’ve made at least $1000 a month blogging about my favorite hobby.

Other members of BBC who have reached that milestone include:

All of us have gotten there with the help of Billionaire Blog Club, following the principles, and working hard…

But there’s one thing you need to remember.

Results may vary

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

I can’t tell you that you’ll have such and such chance of making it blogging. Your niche, your ability to write content that people are looking for, your work ethic, and your open-mindedness all affect your ability to be successful and make money.

But none of this is new information.

Paul will make sure you are fully aware of this before and after committing to BBC.

If you know you’ll use the tools he provides, that you’re willing to listen and change when things don’t work, and that your niche and blog post topics intrigue others, you’ll probably do fine.

Who is BBC Best For?

After participating in Billionaire Blog Club for almost a year, I feel relatively confident that I know who would benefit most from joining.

  • You’re open-minded and willing to make adjustments when you don’t succeed
  • You want to get started blogging and start getting results immediately
  • You are willing to forgo being ‘unique’ and focus on popular content that gets results initially
  • You’ve been blogging for a while and getting low page views, or you are getting decent page views but not making any money off your blog.
  • You are self-structured, comfortable with creating your own learning schedule, and able to apply lessons immediately as you learn them.

Things I like about BBC

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

I can’t give you a Billionaire Blog Club review without sharing the positives! Trust me, there are many. Billionaire Blog Club is by far my favorite blogging course out there.

This is what I feel makes Billionaire Blog Club stand out from other options.

1. The creator practices what he preaches

One of the things that I particularly enjoy about Billionaire Blog Club is that Paul is constantly using these same techniques to build up the blogs he owns. If anything changes with a formula or strategy, he’s quick to let us know so we’re aware of potential issues.

Know that I’m using the exact same strategies that he uses to find success helps me to feel confident that his methods will work. Not to mention, I highly respect that he admits when things don’t go the way he planned.

And then fixes them immediately!

2. You’re encouraged to experiment

While Paul encourages you to follow his strategies, there are a lot of aspects of blogging that are relatively ambiguous. He recognizes this and will encourage you to try different options. For example, some people say certain pin colors get better results, but Paul will tell you to try multiple colors in hopes that one will be more successful than the others!

3. Super friendly blogging environment

The Slack chat community is probably one of the friendliest, most supportive environments that I’ve come across in the blogging community. Scrivs is there directly helping us. Everybody is willing to help you out if you have a problem or a question. People celebrate your successes and offer support when you feel like giving in the towel.

4. Easy to learn

I think there is this misconception that when it comes to blogging, to be successful you have to learn all this super complicated information.

One of the biggest surprises I encountered was how simple everything is, and how many bloggers actually overcomplicate information for beginners. I think they mean well, but I’ve gotten over 500,000 page views on a blog with a free theme and a logo I made on Canva.

5. Fast results

Paul has turned blogging into this mathematical formula. Much like 2+2=4, the steps are simple, and the results happen if you do the work. Because his concepts are so easy to learn and straightforward, if you do the work, you’ll see results right away.

I’ve made over $8000 in 8 months of blogging and I credit all of it to the principles I learned in BBC.

6. Lifetime enrollment

You get access to current and future versions of Billionaire Blog Club! Bonus!

Since Joining Billionaire Blog Club

I mentioned earlier that Billionaire Blog Club is the best choice I’ve ever made. I’m not saying that lightly. Without Scrivs and the support of the Billionaire Blog Club community, I wouldn’t be successful now.

So, what’s happened since I joined?

I launched my blog about planners and bullet journals on August 1, 2017. I launched with five posts, a new Pinterest account, a new Instagram account, and an eagerness to grow and do the best I can.

Here were my pageviews from August 2017 to March 2018

  • August 2017: 5255
  • September 2017: 9064
  • October 2017: 22,939
  • November 2017: 51, 842
  • December 2017: 131, 201
  • January 2018: 149, 089
  • February 2018: 71,337
  • March 2018: 109,391

In 8 months, I’ve gotten over 500,000 pageviews on a brand new blog.

My journey hasn’t been easy. I had an unexpected surgery in October 2017, so I used my time at home to work as hard as I could on my blog and you can see the results paid off big time.

February 2018 saw a dip, but like Paul says, these things will happen. It was amazing to have the Billionaire Blog Club community celebrate with me for my big wins. It was also so helpful to have them with me when I struggled.

Yes, I’ve Made Money, Too

Did you know that every month of my blog, I’ve made money? I have to credit BBC to that, too. Here’s my monthly breakdown:

  • August 2017: $2.70
  • September 2017: $27.98
  • October 2017: $68.91
  • November 2017: $52.24

Pretty much all of my income the first four months was as an affiliate for Amazon. In November 2017, I was able to have enough pageviews on my blog that I was able to sign up for an amazing ad network that brought in more money than I could have dreamed of. So, hence the HUGE jump you’re about to see:

  • December 2017: $2543.89
  • January 2018: $1983.37
  • February 2018: $1897.35*
  • March 2018: $1634.79*

*Signifies I have not collected all money for this timeframe

Yes, you may wonder why I’ve dropped a bit every month… but you have to realize that December is the most profitable season in my niche. January is also a popular month for revenue in my niche. February and March have been a bit slower, but I feel amazingly proud I’ve maintained at least $1500 per month for four months in a row!

You see now why Billionaire Blog Club is worth the investment? I’ve made $8211.23 in eight months. I can say with certainty that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t joined.

A few things worth mentioning…

This Billionaire Blog Club review I believe would be much less relevant if I didn’t provide some details you should be aware of before you join. Now, obviously, making $8000 in the time frame I have, I’m not going to say any of these are deal breakers! But I understand that at $457, it’s an investment! There are a few minor things that could affect your ability to be successful in Billionaire Blog Club if I didn’t state them outright.

  • Successful niche dependent- Paul wants you to be in one of the seven successful blog niches.
  • Blogging costs money- there are other expenses you’ll likely invest in down the road, including hosting, social media scheduling, content creation assistance, and more…
  • Structure- No homework, planners, printables to guide you… you must be a self-starter to succeed.
  • 95% video content- if this isn’t your favored learning style, consider writing notes. I watch on a tablet and apply the concepts on the computer. You can still succeed if it’s not your primary learning style!
  • Action-oriented- Your goal is to get results first. The other details, like picking an avatar, starting a business come later.
  • Popular content- At first, your focus is making content people are actively seeking out on Pinterest and Google.

Read: How to Start a Planner Blog – This article contains other information and services you may want to consider as a new blogger! Worth knowing if you want to know some of the common expenses you may accrue down the road as a blogger.

How to Get a Taste of BBC

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!


Thankfully, there are some free and lower cost options to consider if you aren’t ready to fully commit to any of the BBC courses.

Billionaire Blog Club offers a free, 12-day blogging bootcamp that goes over the common challenges new bloggers face and ways to overcome them. All you have to do is sign up with your email address!

(it’s worth signing up for the email list, sometimes he’ll have special offers for the BBC Lifetime Membership!).

If you’d rather just read this information right away, you can find them in this post here.

You can read about Paul’s income reports here!

If you’d like to learn more about Paul Scrivens and his websites, methodology, and experience, you can check out his ‘About Me’ here!


There are a ton of different ways to start a blog and even more courses to consider. It’s one of the best parts of the business; you can easily find a style that suits your needs.

But you’re here to get my Billionaire Blog Club review.

And the verdict? Yes. Join Billionaire Blog Club. You will not regret it.

To join, get started here!

Be prepared to do the work and apply the principles you learn. Now, Paul is also very reasonable. If for some reason you are struggling,  don’t mesh with his style, or have an emergency and you need to stop blogging, BBC does offer a refund in a 90 day period. Currently I cannot tell you what the specific criteria is for refunds, so you’ll want to reach out to him directly if there are any concerns.

If you believe that BBC (or even more about Paul Scrivens) sounds like your style of blogger, you can read more about Billionaire Blog Club here.

And if you want to learn more about how I started this blog, you can check out that post here!

Have you heard of Billionaire Blog Club before? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment or reach out to my ‘Contact Me’ page!

Until then,




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Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!

Is Billionaire Blog Club a worthwhile choice for a blogging course? This Billionaire Blog Club review helps you understand the pros and cons of the course and whether you should try it if you want to learn how to start a blog, or learn to blog better!