How to Set Up Your Monthly Layout In Your Bullet Journal Blog Post Image

How to Set Up Your Bullet Journal Monthly Layout

In honor of a brand new month, I figured it would be fun to discuss how to set up a monthly layout in your bullet journal! The start of each month is always an exciting and bustling time for those in the bullet journal community! After all, if you check Read More

How to maintain long term goals in your bullet journal main photo

How to Maintain Long Term Goals In Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are a fantastic place to create, track, and monitor your goals. Frequently, though, I’ve noticed specific goals don’t usually last longer than the life of a bullet journal. Why is this? Well, people have a tendency to pick a few random things to adjust over a smaller period Read More

Seven Bullet Journal Tools for Beautiful Bujos Title

7 Bullet Journal Tools for Beautiful Bujos

You can literally use anything you desire to create a great bullet journal. Over the course of the last year I have been introduced to many different types of supplies recommended to use in a bullet journal. To celebrate the end of my first year, I’ve devised my list of Read More

Five Ways Bullet Journals Improve Mental Health

5 Ways Bullet Journals Improve Mental Health

Mental illnesses are very common. Statistics say 1 in 5 adults in America suffer from mental health concerns. Some mental illnesses are mild. Depression and anxiety probably fall between the most common mental health concerns. Some may have more significant battles. There are dozens of other mental health diseases and disorders. Read More