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Are Rough Drafts for Bullet Journal Spreads a Waste of Your Time?

Prior to this last month, I never made rough drafts for bullet journal spreads to help guide my drawings and layout outlines. I’m not the best artist out there, but certainly, I feel pretty confident in my ability to draw what I want and fix any mistakes. A couple of Read More

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Draw Beautiful Bullet Journal Doodles (with tips from Eli at Productive Style!)

(This article contains affiliate links; if you click on items and purchase them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, read my disclosure.) One of the most common questions received by popular bullet journal accounts typically falls along the line of: “Do Read More

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Comprehensive Guide to Bullet Journal Trackers

Trackers are a critical component that sets a bullet journal apart from many other planner systems. Not saying that you can’t have trackers in a planner, but it would take a little extra planning to make it work. Not everybody uses bullet journal trackers in their notebooks, but I’d be Read More