8 Bullet Journal Trackers That Improve Your Health Header

8 Bullet Journal Trackers to Improve Your Health

Bullet journals and trackers are pretty much  synonymous. I think most people who use a bullet journal use a tracker in some form! Some bullet journal trackers are simple. For instance, tracking water consumption in your bullet journal is pretty easy! Others bullet journal trackers are much more complicated; they Read More

Seven Jolly Christmas Ideas for your bullet journal

7 Jolly Bullet Journal Ideas for Christmas

It may be October, but like many planners and bullet journal enthusiasts, we like to be prepared! Christmas is less than three months away! Personally, it’s never too early to prepare for Christmas! And there are many bullet journal ideas for Christmas to start off your holiday on the right Read More

How to Set Up Your Monthly Layout In Your Bullet Journal Blog Post Image

How to Set Up Your Bullet Journal Monthly Layout

In honor of a brand new month, I figured it would be fun to discuss how to set up a monthly layout in your bullet journal! The start of each month is always an exciting and bustling time for those in the bullet journal community! After all, if you check Read More

Five Ways Bullet Journals Improve Mental Health

5 Ways Bullet Journals Improve Mental Health

Mental illnesses are very common. Statistics say 1 in 5 adults in America suffer from mental health concerns. Some mental illnesses are mild. Depression and anxiety probably fall between the most common mental health concerns. Some may have more significant battles. There are dozens of other mental health diseases and disorders. Read More

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Glossary Every Beginner Can’t Live Without

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Glossary Every Beginner Can’t Live Without

Upon entering the Bullet Journal world, I quickly discovered that Bullet Journal has its own language. With a few months of dedication and work, you will discover the terminology on your own. However, since my goal is to help you start building your bullet journal, I figured I may as Read More